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Congress Centre Regulation

IST Congress Centre Regulation


The Congress Centre (CC) is working under the direct charge of Management Board, and is designed to meet the needs of the school’s events, either by itself or in collaboration with external entities (public or private), and may also satisfy some external requests, within the same scientific and technical scope, provided there is no overlap with internal needs



The CC is located in Civil Engineering building (Alameda Campus), floor 01 an 02 (south), is equipped with one Auditorium with capacity for 290 people, four Meeting Rooms with variable dimensions and versatile as for the dispositions (audience, school, or round table), with maximum capacities between 20 and 70 places and two Foyers .All these facilities have up-to-date characteristics to guarantee the success of all events.


General working conditions

The CC is open from Monday to Friday between 8.30 am to 06.00 pm

The general office and bookings works from Monday to Friday between 9h00 am to 12h30 pm and 2h00 pm to 5h00 pm

Whenever is necessary of an extended period for realizations, mounting or dismounting, the CC services must be informed in advance to be able to coordinate the human and technical resources.

If the realization preparation needs the presence of the CC technicians over hours must be pay.

The previous view of the rooms is recommended, 24 hours before the event, by the booking responsible, because last hour re-arrangements are very difficult to make due to the conditioned human and technical resources.

The booking of weekend events are closed for know, but the mounting or dismounting of the event can be done on this days, for that matter please contact the CC services.



All the bookings, rooms, audiovisual, and catering must be done through the CC general office, located in Alameda Campus, Civil Engineering building, floor 02.

The booking is accepted only after the reception of the completely filled and sign form. This form must enter the services one week before the event (if the booking is only for the room it can enter 48 hour before the event).



All CC services must be paid according to the price lists (annex) this are annual approved by the management board.

According to the law, whenever the realizations/events are paid by external entities the cost will include the VAT amount.


The Services Payment

The payment should be made by an internal requisition, by a crossed-check order to IST or by bank transfer (referring the invoice number)


Catering Services

This service can be provided by CC or the organization can bring the service from outside. For this matter, please contact the general office.


Audiovisual Services

This service can be provided by CC, but in the smaller rooms (01.1, 02.1, 02.2, 02.3) the organization can bring the video projector. For more information please contact the general office.


Internet access

The CC as access to the wireless for that the organization needs a password given by the DSI. The CC can also provide simultaneously, 3 IP for cable internet access, for each event.



Civil Engineering building (Alameda Campus), floor 01 an 02 (south)


Instituto Superior Técnico (Alameda Campus)

Centro de Congressos do IST Avenida Rovisco Pais, 1049-001 Lisboa

Telephone: +351 218 418 069